In one click our four empty bars was filled with notes and chords and we heard this :

Excited by this proposal, we named it by compressing the names of the two songs: Yesterchelle. The melody was not a mix of the two sources of inspiration but an original proposal with no plagiarism.

I recorded a demo, but I was not convinced. I also very lazily chose the lyrics of another song of the Fab Four. After a few hours of work, listening to my title I began to doubt that this melody will find its song. Here is the demo :

At the end of the recording of the album, I took again these eight bars and I worked in a second state. At that time, I was an expert in Flow Composer. The intensive use of this machine had changed my way of working. I had become dependent on the proposals of the machine, focused on the generated results, waiting for the spark that would inspire me.

I selected, cut, copied, pasted, edited very few generated notes but I could not compose a whole pattern by myself on the generated music. The machine followed its logic on which I had no hold. I was struck by this incompatibility between my human proposals and those of the machine. Until then, I had always had the upper hand but this time I couldn’t lead. I managed to follow Flow Composer’s own logic with an audio rendering of a voice that “sang” the melody.

I found his voice in the original song performed by Curtis was called Rollin. It was in legal download on Free vocals. Com. There she is :

The Mashmelo feature of Flow Machines transformed Curtis’ notes to fit the song.

Do you hear the words “Mafia love”? They are the result of the concatenation of several syllables of the original song Rollin. The way in which the  generated Curtis’s voice sings these two words made me think of Franck Ocean. I made a demo from there, making generate a piano that I recorded on one of my songs (À quoi ça m’a servi).

Not sure of the end, and especially very tired by the recording of the album, I preferred to keep only the piano and the voice to respect the spirit of Flow Machines.

Watch this score and listen to the music :

Mafia Love (Yesterchelle)

  • no repetition
  • unexpected harmonic changes

… and yet, if you listen to the songs twice, it will come back to you in the shower and if you listen to them a little more, you will be able to sing it entirely from memory when you’ll wake up.

Pierre asked me to keep a trace of our original title  Yesterchelle. He suggested Oystershell.