• SKYGGE a.k.a Benoit Carré, is at the vanguard of musicians exploring the creative potential of artificial intelligence (A.I.). Since 2015, he works alongside a team of researchers, helps them develop prototypes for future musicians and composes his own music as an independent musician. 
  • In 2018 he launched his debut album Hello World (12M streams),  the first pop album composed and produced with A.I. tools.
  • Andersen’s tale, The Shadow (skygge in Danish), is a source of both poetic and aesthetic inspiration. This tale tells the story of a shadow of a “knowing man”, that become almost human and end up taking power
  • His experience as a songwriter (“Voyage en Italie” Lilicub, Imany, Françoise Hardy, Maurane) led him to take the risk of composing with A.I. without fears: listening to the generated musical fragments and integrating them into his songs for their unique beauty.



SKYGGE on stage: Interface Poetry 

  • SKYGGE plays the harmonies and sounds generated by the A.I., while embodying the songs with her stage partner (Lozange) throughout a set accompanied by images created by the digital collective OYE label
  • The same balance between man and machine can be found on stage as on the original tracks, where the generated sounds are mixed with instruments and voices recorded in the studio.
  • Just like in music creation, A.I. technologies are part of the video creation process. For example on Océan Noir, OYE Label has modelled a seashell to which it has breathed the algorithmic movement of waves. 

  • At several points in the set SKYGGE reproduces some specific creation processes with A.I. tools to make the public understand the creation process: transfer of its voice into a saxophone, creating a unique sound with a Schubert fugue and a Cuica (brazilian instrument), orchestration of the song Daisy (sung by IBM in 1961) with various musical sources as Daft Punk or Bach.
  • A.I. is also present in the movement of bodies with motion capture systems that SKYGGE and his partner manipulate to create textures and associate sound, musical expressiveness and movement.



Live Teasers

 Melancholia filmed at the Centre des Arts d’Enghien-Les-Bains

Sad Song at the Centre des Arts d’Enghien-Les-Bain 


How SKYGGE uses A.I. to compose

  • Far from the cliché of the A.I. as a threat fo artists, SKYGGE masters the creative potential of these tools as well as their limits, considering them as instruments capable of generating new musical materials.  


  • “Chaque morceau recèle son lot de trouvailles” MAGIC (Melancholia)
  • “Black is The Color de SKYGGE est un morceau extrêmement troublant, très charnel et robotique.” RFI
  • “Sortie en octobre 2019, cette magnifique version de Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair est le travail d’un musicien français discret, Benoît Carré, alias Skygge, et elle est importante.” Les Jours
  • “SKYGGE’s album Hello World is different for the simple reason that it’s good.” BBC Music
  • “SKYGGE is reshaping music – sonically and ideologically – for generations to come.” CRACK MAGAZINE
  • “In his new EP, SKYGGE is reinforcing the fact that this is about the interaction between humans and AI – human – made music using AI as a tool, rather than purely AI-generated music.” MUSICALLY
  • “The first song released from SKYGGE new EP, a rework of Pete Seeger’s a capella version of ‘Black Is The Color is My True Love Hair’, is sublime.”  THE QUIETUS
  • Revue de presse entière de Hello World album


Management : Celine Garcia / 

PR (France) : VSCOM //

Visual art : OYE Label

Label & Publishing : Puppet Master 

Distribution (digital) : Kuroneko

Technical Infos

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