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Who is SKYGGE ?

SKYGGE is the architect of Hello World. Inspired by the tale of Hans Christian Andersen, the french composer Benoit Carré imagined this avatar as his own shadow revealed by his musical works with the AI tools of Flow-Machines.

Benoit Carré began his exploration by composing a song in the style of The Beatles. This is how ‘Daddy’s Car’ started buzzing on the web in September 2016.

Ballad Of The Shadow’ is the first song of SKYGGE a.k.a. Benoit Carré & Flow-Machines. This is a song with a voice as flexible as a reflection in a mirror, it will take various forms through the album. SKYGGE then opened the Flow-Machines studio to other artists. He wanted his experience to be collective and iconoclastic.

 Stromae, Kiesza, Kyrie Kristmanson, C.Duncan, Camille Bertault, Mederic Collignon, NZCA Lines, … had the desire and the curiosity to meet with Flow-Machines

Since 2017, Benoit Carré works alongside a research team at Spotify. He contributes to the development of the tools and produce his own music with the prototypes. In 2019 he launched American Folk Songs.

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