Upcoming Album Feb 2022

Since 2015, the French musician SKYGGE has been bridging the gap between research and musical creation. He develops AI prototypes that he integrates into his compositions. This unique experience leads today to a new album still inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, The Shadow, which symbolizes his relationship with AI.

Shaken in his identity as a creator facing an AI that is also creative in its own way, SKYGGE redefines himself in several vocal identities: a retro joker, a hybrid opera singer, or even his double synthesized by the AI.

Interface Poetry Live

A live project in collaboration with a collectif of French digital artists called OYE Label is currently being created. A first residence will take place in September in Paris. On stage, SKYGGE will perform vocals, guitar and synths, while surrounded by a drummer using electronic pads and a singer with the Ableton’s Push

The videos created by OYE will be projected on a large screen behind them, as well as a light decor of hanging pages reminding the Andersen’s fairy tale, in a poetic way. This last set up could be part of certain dates, depending on technical conditions.

The set up aims to be light and easy to travel with and to match any type of venues and configurations.

Short Teaser, Interface Poetry live concept (OYE Label)

Live session The Fall of the Rebel Angels at Les Grandes Serres de Pantin (OYE Label)


SKYGGE a.k.a Benoit Carré, is at the vanguard of musicians who are attempting to unlock the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). With his first album Hello World, released in 2018, he became one of the first artists to produce pop music using the technology globally. 

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Shadow, Benoit Carré invented this avatar SKYGGE (shadow in Danish) as his own shadow revealed by his musical work with the A.I .tools which he contributed to create alongside researchers teams since 2015

How SKYGGE is using A.I.

Far from the cliché of the A.I as an alter ego for the musician, SKYGGE is a pioneer in musical creation and A.I. technologies, working alongside researchers since 2015.  

He masters the huge creative potentials of those tools, as well as their limits, considering them as « intelligent instruments » that generate new musical materials while still reflecting the artist’s identity.

In all his projects with A.I., SKYGGE takes full responsibility for his artistic directions, from the choice of the music resources that he feeds the machine with, to the curation of the generated results.

Press review (2018-2020)

  • “SKYGGE’s album Hello World is different for the simple reason that it’s good.” BBC Music

  • “SKYGGE is reshaping music – sonically and ideologically – for generations to come.” CRACK MAGAZINE

  • “In his new EP, SKYGGE is reinforcing the fact that this is about the interaction between humans and AI – human – made music using AI as a tool, rather than purely AI-generated music.” MUSICALLY

  • “The first song released from SKYGGE new EP, a rework of Pete Seeger’s a capella version of ‘Black Is The Color is My True Love Hair’, is sublime.”  THE QUIETUS

  • “Black is The Color de SKYGGE est un morceau extrêmement troublant, très charnel et robotique.” RFI

  • « Sortie en octobre 2019, cette magnifique version de Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair est le travail d’un musicien français discret, Benoît Carré, alias Skygge, et elle est importante. » Les Jours

Full press review of Hello World album: https://www.helloworldalbum.net/press/

Team members

Management : Celine Garcia // celine@puppetmaster.fr 

PR (France) : Léo Ferté // leo.ferte@kuroneko-media.com 

Booking (France) : Alexandrine Stehelin // alexandrine.stehelin@gmail.com

Stage design, visual & artwork : OYE Label

Label & Publishing : Puppet Master – DO

Distributor (digital and physical) : Kuroneko